Saturday, March 12, 2005

Web Conversion Averages

Web design and search engine optimization efforts will mean very little if we are not able to convert visitors into customers. Website conversion rates vary widely, depending on several factors, like: kind of product, company's reputation, quality of web copy, web's usability, etc. The folks at the Conversion Chronicles have put together some facts and figures on website conversion that shed some light on the subject. They have also written a free Ebook with lots of useful information to help you increase your conversion rate (highly recommended).

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why Do You Need Good Copywriting

While getting traffic to your site is important, it means nothing if your website doesn't convert. Other than having the right product for your target audience at the right price, the best way to increase conversion rates is with good copywriting. My two favorite copywriting authors are Robert Warren and Nick Usborne. You can find Robert Warren's articles in article archive page. You can also download his 10 page special report: "Ten Copywriting Blunders That Are Poisoning Your Website". I have also posted one of his most recent articles: "Don't Let Hyped Copywriting Destroy Your Business" on my website. Nick Usborne publishes Excess Voice, where you will find a new copywriting article in every issue. Previous issues of Excess Voice are archived here. Remember, whether your website's conversion objective is to get your readers to subscribe to your newsletter, fill up a form, ask for more information, or buy a product from you, your chances of success will increase significantly if you pay close attention to your web page copy.


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